• Super Resolution Perception Dataset (SRPD)
    The SRPD consists of simulated smart meter data with a sampling frequency of 1 kHz. The different working states of the electrical appliances in the house are given by simulation, and then the corresponding electrical appliance load data are merged into the aggregate smart meter data of the house according to different working states.

  • Super Resolution Perception for State Estimation Dataset (SRPSE)
    The SRPSE dataset simulates load fluctuations on 3 load nodes during a time period of 60 days. The load nodes are assumed to contain 90000, 100000, and 125000 households, respectively.

  • Textile Mill Load Dataset (TMLD)
    TMLD includes 30 days of aggregated load sequence with a sampling frequency of 1 Hz and the aggregated load sequence consists of four different machine tools and one sewing machine.

  • Industrial Appliance Identification Dataset (IAID)
    IAID consists of load data and the states of devices contained in six industries.